Running a business is hard.

You make hundreds of crucial decisions every day. You arrive at your desk early and stay late, fighting the good fight. You're trying to achieve something. You want to make a difference. You want to get through everything on your “urgent” and “essential” lists, so you can get started tackling your “important” and “awesome” list.

But most days you feel like you’ll never get there. You’re trying desperately just to shove through your ever-growing “to do” list.

You don’t want to feel chained to your business, but you don’t see any way out of this daily struggle.

Is there a better way? We think there is.

Hi there. We’re Hartog Jacobs and we make it our business to make it easier for you to run your business. We’ve helped countless businesses and entrepreneurs to reorder their business processes to achieve results.

What if you could start your day completely focused on doing your best work? What if you could run your business seamlessly, without running to put out fires or solve crises?

You became an entrepreneur so you could make a real contribution and achieve financial success. We can help you to make this happen.

Our professional team has worked with hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs just like you to optimize business owners’ limited time and resources. We discover the time inefficiencies that are holding you back and then we implement a plan to achieve breakout results for you and your team.

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